Sea of Thieves Veteran Blasts Sea Shanties From Megaphone Before Destroying Other Players

Andrew Albright
2 min readMay 8, 2021
the annoying pirate legend

Rumors are circulating of a legendary pirate who scours the seas, destroying any player who happens to be sailing within their vicinity. Equipped with a Dark Adventurers set on their Brigantine, and a Cultured Aristocrat set on their clothing, this unnamed pirate stalks their prey while blasting a shuffled playlist of sea shanties on their Spotify account.

“It’s fricken annoying,” one victim explained, after losing their ship and multiple chests to the sea shanty pirate.

“They’re not original at all. Pirates were blasting sea shanties all the time at the beginning of 2021 when the TikToks were blowing up.”

The legendary pirate who raided noobs and veterans alike, was unavailable for comment. However, some of their victims were impressed that a solo pirate was sailing on a brigantine without a crew and could still mercilessly destroy other ships.

sea shanties are so 5 months ago

“That pirate is a loser. They probably couldn’t find a crew to play with them because they’re so annoying,” the victim continued. “Nobody listens to sea shanties anymore! The meme is over!”

Tales of the “annoying sea shanty pirate” have been shared across the forums and social media, with varying opinions popping up about the infamous scoundrel.

“I highly doubt it’s just one pirate, multiple players do this shtick,” a Twitter user named @cat_pillar_36 replied under a video tweet of the “annoying sea shanty pirate” hiding near the barrels in someone’s ship and stealthily attacking them.

“There are tons of players who blast sea shanties because they still think it’s funny. Trust me, I used to be one of them. But I’ve moved on to blasting Wonderwall. Some call it a step down in terms of humor, since it’s an age-old joke, but it’s better than the sea shanties in my opinion.”

Even if the sea shanty movement is dying on social media, the movement is alive and obnoxious in the world of Sea of Thieves.



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